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About The Brew

About The Brew

The Brew is a Filipino rock band made up of seasoned performers whose overall sound defies categorization.  A healthy dose of heavy guitar riffs, relentless drum beats, and head bobbing bass lines are played alongside unexpected melodic pieces with keyboards and various instruments. Guest artists are regularly featured in their musical collaborations, lending a fresh and interesting texture to their songs.

Each member imparts a personal flair that, thrown together, create a distinct sound that is all their own.  Today they may be older and arguably wiser, but their music remains just as potent.



Napoleon Padua – Guitar
“Live by the beach and catch some good waves“



Ryan Urbino – Vocals, Guitar
 “Keep the music diverse, moving, well-crafted, interesting, and challenging.”



Jody Salas – Bass, Vocals
 “Some people like leather, some people like strings. Put them all together, such wonder it brings!”



Alvin Zafra – Drums, Percussions
 “Drums is the most primal instrument in the band… like my heartbeat  magnified a hundred times!”

Sir Duke


Duke Dadap – Keyboards
 “I want to retire in Rome, drink as much wine as I can, and create new songs for us to play.”